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My Dearest Danae Handmade Soap

Handmade Products Exclusively Formulated With Essential Oils And Herbs With Absolutely No Artificial Fragrances, Dyes, Additives, or Preservatives

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Honestly my favorite soap. Have 3 different in the shower for mood. Different at sink for hands. My face is wonderful. Just right. hands are soft. And I have had a history of skin sensitivities and issues. The lavender is great for a warm soak, oatmeal I love for my hands. And honestly — it hasn’t mattered which bar I use at the time, there is nothing like the smell of warmth that I get. Thank you so much Katie.
B A Douglas
These products are amazing. The woodsman soap is truly therapeutic for psoriasis and other ongoing sensitive skin issues. The facial bar leaves no residue and every other soap I have tried makes me feel like I am at the spa. I also love the lavender scrub for exfoliating. Thank you Katie for the superb customer service and use of true quality ingredients.
Kari Hopson
I am in LOVE!! Everything about My Dearest Danae is simply wonderful, from the scents, the look, the creator! I bought samples of different types of soap and it is taking me longer than usual to get through them, which is great! My entire bathroom is filled with the soap scents. It makes me a very happy gal. haha. I recommend these soaps to any and every human being.
Jami Bryant
My wife and I both LOVE these soaps. We go to the farmers market in Athens and read about these fine soaps, but us being there never were the same times Dearest Danae was there… So we ordered from the website, which was fast. My last trip to Athens, I picked up more at Athens Organic and can’t wait to break them out for my winter skin. Your skin, and significant other will love you for using Dearest Danae.
David Hickman
I just ordered an Ultimate Facial Bar and WOW! I absolutely love it! You can really tell the difference in the facial soap from the regular bar. It is gentle on the skin, but you really feel like your pores are extra clean afterwards. I’ve paired it with the Tea Tree Toner and my skin has improved with less acne and much less redness. I will definitely be repurchasing!
Kimi Francis

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I’ve been using the Ultimate Facial Bar for the past week and absolutely love it! The bar leaves my face extra clean. When I apply toner, I barely see makeup residue on my cotton pad like I used to. My skin feels and looks great! As a certified beauty junkie this bar will be a must have for my skin care regimen.
Shannon Underwood
I recently purchased several soap bars at Funky Finds. I had trouble narrowing down my choices. They smell wonderful and lather well and don’t ‘melt away’ after just a few uses. And they are good for the skin!
Janice Graczyk
I received my lemon poppyseed soap today and I absolutely love it. It smells wonderful with a clean lemon scent and the poppyseeds exfoliate your skin making it so soft. Thank you My Dearest Danae!!
Erika Buzard
Incredible all-natural soaps made with healing essential oils that leave you without a soapy residue & an intense aroma that literally can wake you up in the morning & put you to bed at night. This soap is where it’s at!!!
D Oglesby
Love all the natural soaps. they smell wonderful and feel GREAT on your skin!! using the Facial Toner w/ tea tree oil on the daily, feels so refreshing. Thanks for all your hard work making these great products. most definitely will be getting more. Gonna try your laundry soap next.
Monica Walden

Our 100% All Natural Ingredients

My Dearest Danae has partnered with numerous local, family-owned farms, breweries, and apiaries, who painstakingly produce our high quality ingredients by hand. Because of this ongoing effort, we can ensure the continued and lasting luxurious quality of all of our handcrafted wellness products.

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